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Badi blowin d hornnnnn...

Little Arief doing a mata lawa!

The old road...

This is the road leading to our old house in lorong 2 seria. If u look closely, you can still see the road signs F19/20, E19/20. Our old house was on E19 facing the beach (right side of pic). There used to houses on either side but they've all been demolished.. wat a shame...
Arif's "wonder what that black box with potrusion looking at me is?" look...
Orang baru balik umrah...
Neesha n Nina
View of Seria from the Mirror heheh (taken in front of the police barracks)
My ticket for Golden Jubilee Gala Dinner
Another couple of blast from the past pics!

Some pics I took around BSB

Upper secondary block. The 1st floor was Form 4X and Y and Form 5
As student council chairman, I used to do the rounds during Thursday cleaning to make sure all was in order... heheh
The legendary route to the boys' toilet
I believe the chap on the left is my dad's ex-classmate, Joseph Pong?
Mr Samuel. He still looks exactly the same as 20 yrs ago! I think the water supply in St.Margaret's housing comes from the fountain of youth!
I finally met the legendary webmaster for st.margaret's forum, ivfdad. Nice to meet you man!
The science lab/library
The Jubilee Plaque